Chairman's Trust

Changing Lives for Children


To support the advancement of education through short term residential learning outside the classroom for school age children residing in the  borough of Cheshire West and Chester or being educated within the borough who are financially disadvantaged.

The Trust’s purpose is to develop self sufficient, resourceful young people by supporting learning outside the classroom.

“Ambition” – there must be clear outcomes and viable cooperation for excellence, personal development and challenge.

“A hand up is not a hand out” – supported activities will develop resilience and build on existing skills.  Performing and physical arts and outdoor education are to be at the core of supported activities.

The Trust was set up in April 2014.  The Chairman’s Trust is endorsed by Cheshire West and Chester Primary, Secondary and Special Schools Head Teacher Associations.

Eligible Criteria

  1. To cover board and lodging
  2. An individual application within an already planned activity
  3. It is beyond the normal curriculum offer
  4. It gives access to those who are otherwise unable to afford to access the provision

The Application Process

Applications can be made at any time but need to made at least three months in advance of the visit in order that the Trustees have the opportunity to consider them

Applications need to be completed online by pupils with the support of their teacher, if required.  Applications are considered on an individual basis by the Trustees, who will assess the application against the eligible criteria. In addition, Trustees will also consider the impact of the potential visit prior to allocating funding.  The Trust is not intended as a replacement for the Pupil Premium therefore the Head Teacher will act as the gate keeper for each application in the first instance. All applicants will be members of a school within the borough of Cheshire West and Chester.

Write an application.

Successful applicants will be asked to complete an evaluation form after their visit which can be found here.

Examples of Applications and Evaluations

The Trustees evaluate the impact that funding has. The trustees have put together some good examples of applications.